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Friday, July 14, 2006

Ummm ... is this happening?

Hard to believe that this whole school thing is right around the corner. I'm excited and all that, but at the same time, it doesn't seem real. At all. See this picture? This is the picture from BYU's MBA Program Web site. Can't you just see me being the guy in the middle chatting it up about some abstract business terms? Me neither. But I'll try to fit in and fake it until I make it. Don't tell my professors. I got my schedule today and it sounds pretty intense, but I have to admit I'm more excited about it than I normally let on. I want the challenge and I want to step up to it. Hopefully it'll all work out. Ethan and Grace's nourishment is sort of counting on it. Bread and water only go so far.

I just finished a great book, The Kite Runner. It's one of the books that Jessica recommended. I have a list of books that I'd like to read before this whole school thing starts, but I doubt I'll get to read too many of them. This one was really good though, makes you think and what not. Disturbing in parts, but really well written. I guess this is the author's first book too, which is amazing to me. Next on the docket is finishing off this book called Better Off. Sort of an interesting concept for a book. This guy and his new bride decide to live like Amish people (technically not Amish, but you get the point). Just glad I get to read about it and don't have to live like that myself. I don't know how people like that can do it. More power to them. The author makes some interesting points about technology and the pros and cons, even some stuff that is applicable to people like you and me that use technology.

In sports news, the Tigers haven't woken up yet and realized they are the Tigers. The longer that's the case, the better off they'll be. I have a hard time thinking this whole 32 games over .500 thing is going to last, but they've shown no signs of slowing down. They have been getting phenomenal pitching on an almost nightly basis, and when they don't get pitching they get enough hits to pull out the win. The lineup is solid, nothing spectacular, but enough to get the job done. But win or lose, I'll always stick by my Tigers. If you don't believe I'm a longtime fan, check out this. I've been loyal for years. I'll stay loyal for years.

And other than that, life is good. One more month until orientation and until then, I'm chilling at home with the kids with family in town. It'll be nice to hang out with the kids since I won't be seeing much of them once school starts. But they're hilarious and they're doing something funny every single day. See below for Ethan and Grace's current nourishment. Grace put all the chips out "just so" and freaked if you touched them. Nice.


Blogger Jessica said...

just for the record, i think you'll look much cooler in business school than those tools in that mba picture up at the top. haha. j/k -- kind of.

7:45 AM

Blogger Messimoo said...

As long as the MBA program provides a job that can pay for potato chips you'll be fine! Wish Nick was starting with you! Good luck!

7:30 PM

Blogger mraadams1 said...

Wow, Scott Creer! It's been quite a while. Remember me your old quiz bowl buddy Mark Adams? It seems just like yesterday you told me you got married and now you have two kids and a blog! BTW, welcome to MBA world. I'm only 60% done and it's been 3 years. Of course that's been with working full time and spending a year in Germany. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any email link on here, but please drop me a line and we can chat further. My email is mraadams1 at (I'll give you another address after you contact me).

Hope to hear from you soon.


9:00 AM

Blogger Andy said...

Re: the tigers... as we all feared... they finally looked at their jerseys' and realized that who they were. Painful, but true... I still have hope though that they can keep it together until postseason. In other news, good luck with school... let me know how that goes for you (I can't imagine studying/ doing homework again.

11:25 AM

Blogger Obisppo said...

Taking off what Jessica said "just for the record, i think you'll look much cooler in business school than those tools in that mba picture up at the top."

Once you're done in two years you'll be one of those "tools," having the "Journal" delivered to your doorstep daily, power lunching with other HR professionals, and always searching for the perfect job!
(Disclaimer: I'm considering going back for an MBA!)

Ha ha, don't loose your personality and sense of reality along the way since one could argue there are to many "corporate pawns" in the world today....because I am. Good luck...we'll see you in 2 years after you surface!

11:18 PM

Blogger Emily & Jeremy said...

wow, it's been almost 2 years since you updated your blog....

3:42 PM


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